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Fronteras is exclusively focused on the opportunities that exist in the rapidly developing and growing economies of Africa. The enormous economic and social development that Africa has achieved over the last decade is forecast to continue for the foreseeable future, leading the continent to be the world’s largest consumer market by 2040.

Our belief is that despite the numerous borders that separate the continent, the spirit and future of Africa is one. Our strategy is to leverage technology, skills, relationships and the powerful flow of courageous investment capital to build Africa whilst realizing profits for investors and other stakeholders alike. Currently, Fronteras has operational investments in Zimbabwe and South Africa with an investment management office in Mauritius.


Currently, all investments managed by Fronteras are private. Our strategy is to take strategic investments public within the next three years to increase the shareholder base, improve transparency and governance and provide a platform for the people of Africa and other investors to participate in the economic story of the continent.

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